5 Instant Updates for Your Home

5 Ideas for quick updates to your home

Fed up of looking at the same 4 walls and want something to brighten up your day? Here are a few ideas from the 4homes creative team for quick updates around the house, that cost nothing (or nearly nothing) but can and will bring you a little piece of joy.

1.Bring in some Flowers

Most supermarkets that are open still have a selection of cut flowers and plants. So why not treat yourself to a bunch while doing your next ‘essential shop’ and brighten up your home? Alternatively if you have flowers in your garden, cut a couple of stems and display them in a vase or empty bottle. 


2. Update your Shelves

Now’s the time to drag down everything from your shelves for a good clean. Only put back the essentials and anything you like to look at. Tidy anything away that is not useful or pleasing to the eye. Go through the old cookbooks on your kitchen shelves and decant all those packets into matching Kilner jars for a streamlined look. A growing trend for book shelves is to organise your books in order of colour, why not give it a go!


3.Update your Home Work Station

Many people have suddenly found themselves unexpectedly working from home. Take some time in setting up your work station to make sure it is as comfortable and conducive to work as possible. Remove all clutter but make sure everything you need is at hand. Add a plant or some flowers to keep you calm and some inspirational pictures or photos to make you smile. For more inspirational home office desks check out this article from House & Garden.


4.Lighten Up!

Twinklie-lights are a cheery sight at any time of the year. Have a delve through Christmas boxes to see what you can use. Ok maybe leave the illuminated Rudolf and instead dig out some pretty fairy lights that can be strung up in windows, along shelves, to highlight your photographs or just to add a bit of sparkle to a display.


5.Cushions & Throws

Fo a change of scene, shuffle around your cushions and mix-up your throws! Take the fluffy cushions off your bed and chuck them on the sofa. If you have various seasonal throws tidied away in cupboards, drag them out to change up your colour scheme. If you don’t, search your airing cupboard for nice blankets and drape them over an armchair instead. A change really can be as good as a rest!

I hope you find some of our update ideas useful. If you do and you give any of them ago, don’t forget to tag in 4homes on Facebook, we would love to see your creations!

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