5 Quick Creative Ideas for Your Home

5 Ideas for creative projects at home

Stuck in lockdown with no access to DIY stores? Want some quick updates to your home that won’t cost the Earth? Here are a few creative ideas for your home from the 4homes team using things you already have around the house.

1.Get Creative with Paint

Check your shed, garage or loft for old tins of paint. Use it to refresh your walls, upcycle a piece of furniture, or even create a unique piece of art for above your mantlepiece. This is a great project for your kids to join in with and if you’re lucky, they may even let you share their paints. 


2.Hang up some Pictures

Have you been collecting pictures and photographs for a gallery wall but never had the time to put it all together? Well now’s the time. Even if you don’t yet have all the frames you can be assembling them into a pleasing order or even stick them on the wall temporarily with Bluetack or removable Command Strips. Alternatively, dig out some clothes pegs and hang your pictures up from a piece of ribbon or string. This is a great idea if you like to change your pictures around from time to time.


3.Create a Vignette

A what? I hear you cry. In the world of design a vignette is a small display of carefully selected decorative items. Using objects of different heights and sizes, you can use picture frames, plants, vases and ornaments to create a small decorative arrangement. These look great on shelves, sideboards and console tables. You can even establish a theme such as floral, spring or happy memories.

4.Creative Sewing

Dig out and dust off that old Singer sewing machine and get sewing! Use this time as an opportunity to clear out those old duvet covers and make them in to cushions. Or, use off-cuts of pretty fabric to make a patchwork throw or some bunting. String the bunting up around the house and voila! Instant happiness!



So you haven’t made a pom-pom since you were a child, well now’s the perfect time to get your pom-poms out again! Use any old balls of wool you have hidden away, or dig out an old colourful jumper that is no longer worn and unravel (do check with the owner of the jumper first!). Once you’ve got your pom-poms why not make a garland or wall hanging and hang it somewhere that will make you smile. Forgotten how to make a pom-pom? Check out online tutorials like this guide by The Spruce Crafts.

The Spruce Crafts pom-pom guide

I hope you find some of our creative ideas useful. If you do and you give any of them ago, don’t forget to tag in 4homes on Facebook, we would love to see your creations!

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