New Year, New Kitchen – 4 (Optional Extras & Space Saving)

Optional Extras & Space Saving Solutions for your Kitchen

Up-styling your Kitchen

If you’ve read the previous three blogs you should by now, have a good idea of how you want your new kitchen to be laid out and the style you are looking for. If not please read them here, 1. Questions to Answer, 2. Design & Layout, 3. Look & Style.  Along with your standard base units and wall units you may want to add your individuality with some alternative, optional features and space saving storage solutions.

Curved units will soften both internal and external corners and are perfect for modern kitchens with clean lines and smooth finishes. Cut on the diagonal rather than a curve, breakfront units offer another neat solution to sharp corners. It is worth remembering that curved units and breakfront units will cost more than standard square units and your worktop will also need to be adapted or templated to incorporate these designs. 

Setosa Painted White by Sheraton


Glass fronted units are also an optional way to incorporate your style and work especially well with classic and traditional kitchen styles. Glass fronted wall units are the perfect to display your best crockery or glassware without them gathering dust on open shelving. You can even add LED lighting to the shelves to show-off your collection to perfection.

Plate rack & Belfast sink in Edwardian Taupe by Sheraton

Optional Features

Plate racks too,  offer a stylish way to store and display your plates and dishes. Along with optional features such as pilasters, canopies, cornice and over-mantels (either decorative or for working chimney breasts), plate racks work well to add interest, particularly in traditional or shaker kitchens.

Belfast sinks or Butler sinks are the big white basins you see in oldy-worldy kitchens and pantries and therefore tend to suit period properties. As they are larger than usual stainless steel basins they can use more water to fill, so you may wish to consider using a washing-up bowl to keep your water usage down and protect your pots from breakages.

Wicker baskets within designs are currently very popular and again, suit traditional kitchens with a warm cottage feel. Ideal for keeping non-refrigerated fruit & veg, table linens or in fact ideally anything that’s not going to drip or leak.

Optional Kitchen Storage Solutions

Hard-to-reach Corner Solutions

Corners in a kitchen are the bane of a Kitchen Designer’s life. They don’t want to lose the storage space but it needs to be accessible. Nobody wants to be reaching to the far depths of a cupboard to find those pastry cutters or last tin of chick peas. Luckily modern kitchen manufacturers have come up with some ingenious solutions. Chippendale, for example, offer spinny carousels, LeMans pull-outs and various pull-out shelves for tall or base cabinets. At 4homes we have a couple of examples you can come and have a play with to find the right one for you.

Chippendale Le Mans pull out shelves

Larder Units

Larder unit by Sheraton

Not every kitchen has the capacity for a double larder unit but for those that do, a larder unit can be invaluable. Most are tall units with several shelves, drawers, pull-out baskets and even integral spice racks and often shelving incorporated in the doors. A place for everything and everything in it’s place.  For those kitchens which do not have ample space, larder units can also be slim pull-out devices that can fit in awkward base units or even break-front units.

Under Seat Storage

Still need more room to store things? How about under-seat storage? If you have a fitted seating area that can incorporate bench seating, or even a window seat,  rarely used and larger items can be happily stored away until needed.

Useful Kitchen Optional Extras

Here are a few other options to make your kitchen work perfectly for you:

  • Spice rack – A small shelf to house your herbs and spices and all things nices.
  • Tray rack – A narrow cupboard to keep your trays. This is also a handy way to fill a small gap between units.
  • Drawer dividers/cutlery trays – Perfect for making sure your cutlery and crockery stay in their place when opening and closing drawers. 
  • Wine rack – Say no more! A wine fridge will maintain your Pinot at the perfect temperature, while a separate rack will ensure your Shiraz is ready for any occasion.
  • Pet housing – An open or caged ‘cupboard’ to home your pet, pet food and toys.
  • Warming drawer – A must for dinner party hosts, a warming drawer will keep your vegetables warm while your meat finishes cooking and warm your plates ready for serving. It can also be used to prove bread and bakery items as demonstrated on The Great British Bake Off.
  • Recycling/waste bins – A necessary essential in today’s world, these can be niftily hidden away out of site in various ways.

At 4homes our Kitchen Designer and showroom staff will be happy to help you design and put together the perfect kitchen for you and your needs. We can offer friendly advice, make suggestions and create 3D designs to help you visualise the finished result. Once you are completely happy we can arrange fitting with our fully project-managed service.


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