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New Year, New Kitchen – 3 (Look & Style)

The Look & Style Of Your New Kitchen

If you’ve been following our New Year, New Kitchen blog series you will now have an idea of the shape and layout of your new kitchen, or at least a list of your requirements. And now comes the fun bit, choosing the style and what it will look like! 

The style of your new kitchen will largely be down to your personal taste but there are a couple of other things you may wish to consider such as the age and style of your property. Do you have modern new build or perhaps a period property or country cottage? While this doesn’t necessarily stipulate which kitchen you choose it may be a point to think about.

Styles of Cabinetry

Crown Modern Kitchen in Light Grey

Kitchen cabinetry styles predominantly fall under three headings, Modern, Shaker and Traditional.

Modern Style

Modern kitchen units tend to have clean, uncluttered lines with cleverly hidden storage solutions. Sometimes called ‘slab’ doors they have fewer features for a smooth minimal look. Sleek handle-less designs offer contemporary appeal to those looking for beautiful simplicity in stunning gloss or matt finishes.

Shaker Style

Lifestyle Shaker Kitchen in Dakar

The Shaker style falls somewhere between Modern and Traditional and suit most styles of property. Shaker cabinet doors have an outer frame surround with a centre panel. Shakers come in many colours and finishes including woodgrains, gloss or painted blues, creams, greys and whites.

Traditional Style

Chippendale Traditional Kitchen in White

Traditional kitchens are usually in a similar style to the Shaker but with additional features such as beading and raised or grooved centre panels. You can also include optional extras like pilasters, or a canopy or plate rack to add character.

This classic look is timeless and will suit period properties, cottages and those with discerning taste.

Colours & Finishes

Most ranges of cabinetry have a variety of colours to choose from.

These days there are relatively few solid wood kitchens available and most are manufactured wood painted or foil wrapped in a colour from a selected palette. These are cheaper to manufacture and more sustainable than solid wood. Some have solid timber surrounds with veneered centre panels which helps to keep the cost down.

Even though they are not solid wood, many doors have a wood grain finish to give the appearance of wood. Alternatively, a flat matt or gloss finish will look sophisticated and contemporary.

Crown Textura Kitchen in Elm & Fleetwood

Neutral Colour

Colour is a personal choice based on your own personality and taste. White may seem like the obvious choice as the ultimate neutral but softer shades such as ivory, limestone, oyster and cashmere may be warmer but are still neutral tones. Light blues, steel blues and greys will look cool and contemporary, while darker blues, greens, browns and blacks will create a sense of depth and energy.

Stand-out Colour

Bright reds, pinks and yellows are not for the feint hearted but are great for a modern kitchen and look fab in with high-gloss, handle-less units. Of course there’s nothing to stop you choosing two co-ordinating colours should you wish to. This can help differentiate between areas or make an island stand out.

Crown Rialto Gloss Kitchen in Red & White

Consult your kitchen specialist

When selecting your colour palette it is essential that you choose your cabinetry and worktop at the same time to make sure they work well together. Ideally, visit a kitchen showroom where the designer can help you put your look together.

At 4homes we can help you select your cabinet colour, worktop, flooring, paints and wall tiles all in one place. This ensures you get the right combination and are not stuck with a colour that cannot be co-ordinated with anything else! We’re more than happy for you to take your selection of samples home for you to assemble in your own space to make sure you have made the right choice for your home.


As an added aid to visualising your style and colour choices at 4homes we can make your design come to life in a 3D presentation in our showroom. This gives you the opportunity to see your new kitchen in all it’s glory before you part with your hard-earned cash.

Add Style with Handles & Knobs

Crown Midsomer Kitchen in Off White

Your choice of handle or knob can change the whole look of your kitchen. For such a small feature it may be surprising how much the style of your kitchen can change depending on the style of handle or knob.

Long and sleek chrome handles may look contemporary while burnished cup handles will add a traditional quality. There is an endless selection to choose from and most kitchen showrooms will have samples for you to look at.

Chippendale Solo Kitchen in Grey Gloss

Handleless Style

Alternatively you can opt for a contemporary handle-less design. Many cabinets have ‘built-in’ handles within the design of the door, such as a J-pull (so called because it looks like the letter J), an integrated handle or a push-to-open mechanism. All of which help to maintain the clean lines of a sleek, modern kitchen.

Worktop Style

Worktops too come in variety of colours and materials and your choice will depend on your requirements and budget. For a more in depth look at the various types of worktop and the merits of each, please read our earlier blog ‘A Word About Worktops’.

In the next New Year, New Kitchen blog we will look at optional extras and space saving solutions for your kitchen.


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