Scullery 318, Lute 317, Clay 39, Clay – Mid 153

NEW Stone Collection by Little Greene

Move over 50 shades of grey, it’s time for 36 shades of Stone!

The new Stone capsule collection from Little Greene is a versatile palette of natural colours offering tranquillity, timelessness and harmony. Firstly, Little Greene carefully selected 14 shades from their archives and then combined them with 22 brand new additions to create a collection of 36 natural colours dubbed the ‘new neutrals‘.

The Stone Palette

These new, earthier tones are perfect for any area of the home. Adding warmth and simplicity, these neutrals combine to create a feeling of tranquility and are the perfect backdrop to stylish furniture and artwork. Alternatively, to create a more sophisticated feel, they can be coordinated with darker shades.

The Stone palette is available in the full range of Little Greene paint finishes and is ideal for both interior and exterior use. Because of this, the neutral tones work exceptionally well when paired with metalwork, slate, woods, and natural elements such as plants and greenery. 

Rolling Fog – Dark 160, Arras 316
Portland Stone Family, Dark Brunswick Green

The Stone Colour Card

Little Greene designed the new Stone colour card to make choosing colours a sinch. The card depicts six columns which represent the six colour undertones. That is to say undertones of Red Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Umber, Lamp Black and Green Earth. These graduated hue families were designed to compliment each other perfectly. On the other hand, for a more dramatic look, mix contrasting colours across the colour families. As a result, selecting a scheme for your home couldn’t be easier.

Rolling Fog Family, Attic 144
Scullery 318, Lute 317, Clay 39, Clay Mid 153, Purple Brown

Travertine 319, Stock 37
Lute 317, Pompeian Ash 293, Slaked Lime 105

Green Stone Family
Light Bronze Green 123,Elysian Ground 320

Little Greene & The National Trust

Little Greene continues to collaborate with The National Trust. Together they research and catalogue original colours from the wide range of National Trust properties. Eleven of the colours in this new collection have ben created by taking paint readings have been taken from original paints, architectural elements and tapestries. Samples are taken from both statement walls of prestigious entertaining halls, to delicate shades from more humble quarters. As a result a wide range of tones have been developed to suit any space.

For example, deep earthy red, ‘Arras’ was found on the tapestry hanging in the chapel at spectacular Elizabethan house, Hardwick Hall, ‘Book Room Green’ is in the neoclassical Book Room at Wimpole Hall, whilst the authentic grey limestone ‘Baluster’ was taken directly from the carved balustrade which accompanies the ‘Castell Pink’ stonework in the great stairwell at Penrhyn Castle.

Book Room Green 322, Sage Green 80
Balauster 32

As always, a contribution from the sale of every can of Little Greene paint is made in support of the National Trust’s conservation work. Because of these donations, they can continue to care for the nation’s nature, beauty and history for everyone, forever.

The Perfect Time to go Stone

The launch of the new Stone collection is particularly well-timed as Little Greene’s Creative Director, Ruth Mottershead notes :

‘Our households have become our haven, whether working or relaxing we are all spending an increased amount of time at home. We are searching for interiors that are comforting, which is driving the desire to create cocooning, cosy spaces. The colours of stone are indefinably beautiful, so pleasing to the eye and soothing for the soul. There is certainly a shift away from cooler greys towards warmer hues and the warm neutrals that the Stone palette provides are perfect for creating restful living spaces, whilst absolutely attaining elegance in both contemporary and classical settings. This is not about a return to beige or magnolia, it’s about using these new neutrals to create interiors that are smart and inviting.’

Nether Red 315, French Grey Dark 163

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