Learn to Love your Loo!

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It’s Time to Talk Toilets

The average person goes to the toilet about 2,500 times a year, yet it’s a subject we don’t really like to talk about, especially in polite society.

Per loo toilet signhaps that is why we have so many different names for the smallest room in the house including toilet, WC, loo, lavatory, dunny, Jon, little boys room, potty and powder room, amongst other less savoury ones. 

When designing a new bathroom, the position of the toilet is fundamental to the overall design, so it should be carefully considered. At 4homes we are on a mission to help you learn to love your loo!

cartoon-toilet-hug-illustration-ready-to-give-47825091Firstly here are some fun facts about your flusher… 

  1. The flushing toilet was invented by Sir John Harrington in 1596 for Queen Elizabeth I. He was originally barred from the Royal Court for spreading smutty stories, but after his invention, he was allowed back.
  2. The inhabitants of ancient Rome had a Toilet God: ‘Crepitus’
  3. More people in the world have mobile phones than toilets.
  4. Humans spend approximately 3 months of their lifetime sitting on the toilet.
  5. Your smartphone has about 20 times more bacteria than a toilet handle.
  6. King George II of Great Britain died falling off a toilet on the 25th of October 1760.
  7. There’s a toilet-themed restaurant in Taiwan, where food is served in miniature toilets.


Which loo to choose?

Once you’ve decided where your toilet will fit, you will need to select which type will suit your bathroom style. We have put together a quick guide to the most common sanitaryware on the market today.loo toilet

Close coupled – Close coupled WC’s are what we usually think of when we think of toilets. The cistern is visible and is ‘closely coupled’ with the pan. Bowl shapes can vary in shape, size and style.

loo toiletBack to wall – A back to wall WC has a cistern that is hidden either behind a wall or within a piece of furniture. This is great idea if you are having a row of fitted units as it will blend in with the other furniture creating a clean and contemporary look.

loo toiletWall hung – Hanging the pan directly to a wall looks fab in bathrooms with a modern feel or where floor space is limited. With no pedestal to the ground, the floor space will appear much larger.

loo toilet

High Level – If you would prefer something more traditional and space is not at a premium why not try a WC with high level cistern? This classic look should be teamed with other traditional bathroom furniture for timeless style.

Comfort Height – Standard toilets are anywhere from between 410 and 420 mm high whereas the Comfort Height seats are 440 mm. This can benefit taller people or people with disabilities for whom standing up from seated is difficult.

rimless loo toilet

Rimless – The new rimless technology is here. When flushed the whole of the bowl is cleaned which prevents germs hiding in the usual nooks and crannies making it the most hygienic toilet on the market.

Loo News

The latest technology in the world of toilets is the development of the ‘tankless toilet’. Water used for flushing is stored in a cavity around the bowl rather than in a connected visible tank. As the connection to the water supply is shorter than to a tank the supply fills up much quicker which is perfect for commercial areas with much usage. While not widely used in domestic properties at present, their obvious space-saving qualities will make them ideal for small cloakrooms or en-suites.

Please Be Seated

c700x420Soft Close Seats – With your new WC you will require a soft-close seat to prevent any nasty loud bangs in the night. Most of the soft-close seats that 4homes supply have antibacterial properties as standard, many also come with a quick release mechanism to enable the seat to be removed for thorough cleaning.

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