April Showers

Black is the new Chrome

Over the past few months we have seen a marked shift in trend from traditional chrome bathroom fixtures and fittings to black. From taps to basins and shower enclosures to shower trays, clients are choosing sleek black finishes to smarten up their bathrooms.

Taps & Brassware

Black basin and mixer taps are becoming increasingly popular. As most tap fittings are interchangeable it is a relatively cheap way to update your bathroom without a complete overhaul. Do remember, however, that you get what you pay for. Cheap taps may rapidly start to crack and peel, so always pay for quality if you want your taps to last.

We like the modern Elate & Hydra taps from Roper Rhodes (which also come in brass & chrome).


Shower Enclosures

Whether a wetroom panel or a full enclosure, black trimmed edges provide a sleek, modern look which defines the shower area and adds a contemporary feel.

We love the look of these wetroom panels from April Showers with coordinating shower heads

id2 Matrix
id2 Clear

Shower Trays

Black shower trays are great if you want your showering area to stand out against a traditional monochrome floor. Likewise it could blend in against a darker tiled floor to provide that wetroom look without the fuss.

This Astro JT Fusion tray has a bit of added sparkle!

JT Fusion Astro Black shower tray

Black Basins

Black vessel basins too can look very smart and add a touch of hotel-chic to any bathroom. Do bear in mind however, that far from hiding a multitude of sins, they will show up every smear and toothpaste mark. If you’re prepared to keep them clean, go for it!


If you don’t want to go all the way with black sanitaryware in your bathroom there are ways to get the look. Such as choosing a black worktop, tiles, painting the outside of a free-standing bath, or changing accessories such as your flushplate or towels.

Geberit black flush plate
Geberit Flushplate

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