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4homes Launches Tree Planting Scheme

4homes enhances environmental policies

As part of 4homes developing green policies we have partnered with Gift a Tree and developed a tree planting scheme.  This will enable 4homes to make small steps in reducing it’s carbon footprint in conjunction with other elements of it’s developing green and environmental policies.

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For all qualifying projects that 4homes undertake we will have a tree planted on behalf of our clients.  Trees planted on behalf of our clients will be predominantly Oak and will be planted on estates in Devon.  For each client project an electronic certificate will be provided detailing when and where the tree is planted – offering the ability for visits to be undertaken to monitor the progress of the trees if desired.  If you are looking to have works done in your home, please speak to one of our design team and they can advise on  the type of works we undertake and how we help the environment at the same time.

4homes becomes corporate partner with Gift a Tree

As a corporate partner of Gift a Tree we will be undertaking regular and sustained tree planting – with the option of one-off larger scale planting schemes to come in the future.

History of Gift a Tree

Gift a Tree was set up by Andy Fields in October 2021 after he experienced a near-death experience. Having been told he might live for just 6 months and having gone through surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and being fed through a tube, Andy came out the other side with a completely new outlook on life.

Andy Fields - Founder of Gift a Tree

Andy said, “When someone goes through such trauma, you look at nature in an extremely positive way. For the first time I could truly hear the birds singing, the wind rustling the leaves in trees and insects buzzing around me. I could smell the grass and fully inhaled the true meaning of life. I can honestly say that I had never felt so alive. It is something we should all be aware of.”

As founder, Andy had truly been awakened as to the importance of nature. However, he soon saw a less positive side.

Andy goes on to say, “I knew I had to do something! I looked around and saw green fields. Some people say, ‘the beautiful countryside’ but I saw these fields in a whole different way. They are green deserts doing little or even NOTHING for nature. Something had to be done“.

Andy decided to plant trees on his farm.  He gave sheds to the local beekeeping club, dug a lake and introduced a boggy area for amphibians. In fact he turned the whole farm into a nature reserve where he still plants trees today. In just under two years the farm has been transformed and has attracted wildlife previously unheard of in Devon.

Since founding Gift a Tree Andy has partnered with charities worldwide and is now involved in education programs worldwide to show the benefits of having trees to children worldwide. Gift a Tree is now responsible for planting tens of thousands of trees on a monthly basis.

How can we all do more…

If any of 4homes clients or suppliers would like to join us in helping the planet breathe a little easier (one tree at a time) please use this link to Gift a Tree.