White’s Alright

Using White in Interior Design

 Ok so technically white is not an official colour in it’s own right and is in fact the absence of all other hues, but for the purpose of bathrooms, kitchens and Interior Design in general we treat it as a very important colour on the palate.

White is probably the most versatile colour of all as it’s neutrality means it will coordinate with almost all other colours. Most of the time white, or one of the various shades of white, is used as a filler or background, either as a contrast or to connect all the other colours in the room. White works with soft pastels for a delicate scheme and against vibrant brights to really make them stand out.

Making a Feature of White

The colour white signifies cleanliness, purity & light. For this reason it is a popular colour when trying to achieve a minimalist or truly modern interior. It is the perfect colour to brighten a room or add a touch of class and is therefore a favourite of Interior Designers who want to create a dramatic impact, however it’s not always practical for everyday living.

White in Bathrooms

Since we waved goodbye to the peach and avocado bathroom suites of the ‘70s and ‘80s, the majority of sanitary ware today is white and for very good reason, it is timeless. Your suite will more than likely outlive your decoration and as your paint, tiles, towels and shower curtains change, your sanitary ware will always comply.

White tiles in bathrooms are always popular. Not only will they provide a blank canvas for your colourful accessories, they will help to keep the room light especially gloss tiles which will reflect and bounce light around the room. Basic white tiles are also usually the cheapest tiles and are therefore great for a makeover on a budget. To add interest to white tiles you could add a colourful mosaic or if you’re feeling brave, a bright coloured grout. Alternatively choose a white tile with a relief pattern such as bumps, waves or grains.

For a traditional Victorian look add a mix of black floor tiles, period furniture and a tiled border. This look is timeless and oozes sophistication.

White in Kitchens

White units, worktops or walls in a kitchen will keep it looking clean and fresh. Blasts of colour can be added with contrasting stools, kettles, toasters and artwork. White is also the perfect background for greenery and leafy pot plants while a vase of bright flowers will stand out bright and blooming.

A wooden floor or wooden worktop will prevent a white kitchen from appearing cold while maintaining the clean, fresh look you want. Colourful linens will soften the lines and can be as interchangeable as your mood. Pretty new tea towels, placemats, table cloths and cushion covers cost pennies and can change the whole look of an essentially white kitchen.

White Paint

If you like the idea of a fresh white room but are worried it may look a little too clinical you may want to choose an ‘off-white’. Plain white can sometimes look a little stark but a creamy white will provide warmth while a grey-white will add modern style.

Little Greene Paints have a range of ‘whites’ to suit any mood, including these subtle little lovelies…

Or for a cosy country bedroom why not try this gorgeously creamy Portland Stone.

little greene paints bedroom
Portland Stone by Little Greene

For more about Little Greene Paints click here.

White on the Floor

Having a white floor may seem like the most impractical idea but providing the surface is easy to clean there is no reason not to choose white. While a white carpet is no friend to muddy boots and paws a Luxury Vinyl, such as Karndean, in a white washed Oak or a white porcelain or ceramic tile is easily wiped down and will come up like new.

Over the past year at 4homes we have seen a marked increase in sales of white washed wood-style flooring. From real white-washed, handscraped engineered wood, to the same effect on Luxury Vinyl and floor tiles, this look is not only very contemporary but can also fit into a cool coastal or ‘beachy’ theme.

Karndean White washed oak vinyl
White Washed Oak by Karndean
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