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Quick Interior Updates for Summer

Quick Interior Updates for Summer

Summer may finally be here and it’s the time of year when many of us consider making updates to our homes. If you can’t stretch to a complete kitchen or bathroom overhaul, here are a few quick tips to give your inside spaces a new lease of life within a fraction of the time and cost.

Paint Projects

Little Greene Aquamarine Colour Scales - updates
Little Greene Aquamarine Colour Scales

Paint is the quickest way to revamp a tired looking room. With so many colours to choose from your space can be completely transformed with a flick of a paint brush. Choose a good quality paint, such as from The Little Greene Co, which will cover well and last for as long as you need it to. Little Greene’s Intelligent paint is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms as it is hard wearing as well as ‘wipe cleanable’.

You don’t need to paint all four walls to make a change, you could just add a splash of colour on one wall such as behind the oven, or paint the skirting boards, steps or even a horizontal stripe around the room in a contrasting colour to your existing tiles or paintwork. If your kitchen cupboards or chairs are still in good condition but need an update, paint is great option to make them come alive. Little Greene’s new addition Flat Oil Eggshell, is an oil based paint with a matt finish, ideal for those who don’t like too much of a sheen on their wood work. Just ensure that you do your preparation by sanding down and using the appropriate primer before you start.

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Quick Click Flooring Changes

Click flooring - English Apple - Updates

If your lino’s peeling and your carpet has been cleaned more times than you care to mention, maybe it’s time to switch to click flooring. Simple to fit and easy to keep clean, this Luxury Click vinyl is the perfect solution for every room in the house. Either in wood grain or tile effect designs there are so many finishes to choose from there is sure to be one that suits your home.

Click flooring’s interlocking mechanism ensures the pieces click together easily. You may need to cut round awkward spaces but with no underlay or adhesive required it is a product for the competent DIYer. We also offer a fitting service for those who would rather not tackle it themselves.

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Mosaic Makeover

Dune ceramics - Andy - Updates
Andy Warhol Inspired Mosaics

So you want to add a bit of pizzazz but don’t want to change your tiles or paint your walls? An alternative possibility is bringing in bling with sheets of mosaic. Oven splashbacks and upstands can be transformed with pretty glass, stone or metallic mosaics and bathrooms will be instantly more interesting with a splashback behind the basin or a strip of colour along the top of existing half wall tiling.

Bright patterns instantly update a kitchen, while shiny metals will add style and that touch of glamour.

Handle Overhaul

You’ll be surprised what a difference a new handle can make. Ceramic, wooden, tarnished or shiny chrome, handles and knobs can change the whole look of a kitchen from traditional to modern or from farmhouse to minimalist. And don’t forget your bedrooms. Wardrobes, chests of drawers and bedside cupboards can also be revamped by the change of a handle or even a lick of paint.

Crown Imperial Kitchens - updates
Crown Imperial Kitchens

Knobs can be easily removed and replaced by anyone with a screwdriver and while handles shouldn’t be too much more complicated, make sure you measure the width between screws if you want a quick replacement. Handles of different lengths will require extra holes drilling in your cupboard doors and the old holes filling and finishing.

Crown Imperial Kitchens updates
Crown Imperial Kitchens




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