Hygiene in the Home

The Importance of Hygiene

Hygiene around the home has always been important, but in 2020 it was forced to the forefront of all our lives as Covid 19 wreaked havoc and we saw just how vital it is to wash our hands, clean surfaces and keep viruses at bay.

Many manufacturers of household products are finding innovative ways to make it easier for us to maintain these levels of hygiene in our own home, using new technology and easy to clean surfaces.

Contactless Flush

You may have noticed that more and more public toilets have contactless flushing systems. As no touching is required, the risk of passing bacteria and viruses from one person to another is virtually impossible.

For example, the new Contactless Flush system from Roper Rhodes. This involves capacitive sensor technology which detects a change in the electromagnetic field, such as a wave of the hand. A short wave activates a quick flush, while holding your hand over the sensor for longer, triggers a full flush. Therefore it is not only more hygienic it also conserves water, win-win!

For more information on the Roper Rhodes Contactless Flush system, click here

R2 Contactless Flush

Rimless WCs

Nobody wants to spend their time cleaning the loo, but we know that those pesky germs just love living under the rim.

Bathroom manufacturers have now developed a WC with rimless technology. It simply means if there is no rim, there’s nowhere for those germs to live and breed. In the Roper Rhodes Easi-Clean system, such as in the Radar or Serenity range of toilet pans, water is projected around the bowl to ensure it is completely clean.

Radar Rimless WC from R2

Vinyl Flooring

Carpets are usually laid in the house to add warmth and insulation to cold floors. However, their fibres can be a haven for dustmites and a breeding ground for germs. 

A great alternative to carpet is LVT, or Luxury Vinyl Tiles. Either in wood effect or tile effect, LVT flooring is laid in separate ‘tiles’ or ‘planks’ to replicate the natural look of stone or wood but without the cost or the maintenance. These vinyl tiles are easy to keep clean and will not harbour germs or dust, ideal for those people with allergies.

At 4homes we are official stockists of Karndean Design Flooring, but also have a wide range of samples from independent manufacturers.

For LVT  inspiration visit the Flooring page in our Inspiration section.

Karndean Design Flooring

Hygienic Worktops

In the kitchen, the more non-porous your worktop, the more hygienic it will be. For example, composite resin, granite and quartz worktops will be easier to keep clean than wood or laminate. That is not to say that wood and laminate are not hygienic when properly treated and maintained.

Composite resin worktops can even be moulded to your sink leaving no grimy rim in which germs again breed.

Quartz is made up of 90% crushed stone and then combined with acrylic resins and colour pigments. Anti-bacterial agents are also added which makes it perfect for use in food preparation areas.

For more information on worktops check out our A Word about Worktops blog post.


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