How to Photograph A Room

Ideally one of our Designers would visit your property for a consultation. At this time, not only would we discuss your needs but we would draw a plan, measure the room and photograph it. These photographs are helpful to refer back to when planning the room. In times when it is not possible to visit the property ourselves, we ask that the Client takes their own measurements and own photographs which they can then email to us. Click here for our guide on How to Measure Your Room.

Why do we need to take Photographs?

When you are photographing a room for planning purposes, there are a few key areas you need to take notice of.  The reason for taking photographs is to allow your Designer to see the existing layout of the room and also to plan potential designs. There would be no point in planning a run of tall furniture in front of a large bay window or a new WC miles away from any plumbing!

Photograph of a kitchen
Lifestyle, Locano Touch Kitchen

What do I need to Photograph?

When photographing your room try to capture the following:

  1. A full room view, if you can get the angle. If possible take a photo from each corner of the room, into the room
  2. Work your way around the room taking photos as you go, floor to ceiling, including pitched roofs and alcoves
  3. All appliances including sinks, washing machines, radiators etc
  4. Aanitaryware and visible plumbing, shower, baths, WCs etc
  5. Behind the WC to show which way the soil pipe exits
  6. Boxing which contains pipework
  7. Radiators and their plumbing
  8. Extractor fan
  9. Lighting
  10. Your water tank/combi boiler/heating system
  11. Existing flooring
  12. Any existing leaks, water damage etc
  13. Electrical sockets
  14. Any tiles or flooring that needs to be matched

If you can take a short video around the room, it will give a good idea of the layout.

Photograph of a bathroom
R2, Contour free standing furniture range

PLEASE NOTE: Plumbing is important in both kitchens and bathrooms. Knowing whether the pipework goes into the floor, into the walls, above the surface inside boxing or into the ceiling, can help to establish the room construction and the possibilities for a new design.

What to do with your photographs

If you would like 4homes design team to prepare full design proposals for your room, why not upload you photographs along with your room measurements and requirements directly to our design team. We’ve even got a specific area of our website to do this with – Upload using our Design with Us page

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