How to Measure Your Own Home

How to Measure a Room

Part of the 4homes design process involves a visit from one of our Designers to the property to discuss your project and measure the room in question. In the circumstances where it is not possible for a Designer to visit (such as a pandemic lockdown!) it may be possible for you take your own measurements and email them to us along with some photographs. See our guide to taking photographs of your room.

If you are measuring the room for a full refit of a new kitchen, bathroom or fitted bedroom furniture, accuracy is essential. It may sound easy to measure a room but to avoid any pitfalls please see our useful guide below.

Draw a Plan

Outline a sketch of the room on a plain piece of paper, or graph paper if you have it. It does not need to be to scale at this point, but do make sure you include the room’s features, eg alcoves, doorways, and windows.

Using a tape measure, work your way around the room measuring each wall as you go . Note each measurement on your sketch. I recommend using centimetres rather than inches as most fittings and fixtures are specified in metric.

Top Tip! : We usually start at the doorway and work clockwise round the room – then you know when you’ve completed all the way around the room.

Measure Doorways

Measure the door from edge of frame to edge of frame.

Also measure the door itself. This will be required to show how far the door opens into the room and also to ensure any large bulky items (eg baths, sofas) will fit through.

Show on your drawing which side the door hinge is on and whether it opens into or out of the room.

Measure Windows

Measure the wall next to the window up until the edge of the window. Then when you get to the window measure the following:

  • Width: The internal width of the window or, if your window has a frame, from outside edge of the window frame.
  • Height: The internal height from the bottom cill to the top reveal
  • Reveal: The depth from the outside of the cill to the actual window pane.
  • Cill: From the window cill down to the floor (this measurement is particularly important if you are installing cabinetry etc under the window). If your window is behind cabinets, measure from the cill to the cabinet and the cabinet to the floor and add together.

Crown Cotswood Kitchen

Measure Ceiling Height

If you can measure the ceiling height, do. Particularly if your room has a low ceiling or pitched roof. This is essential if you are considering shower enclosures, tall kitchen units or fitted bedroom furniture.

Pitched roofs are slightly more complicated. If you can, measure the following:

  • The width of the wall which is pitched
  • The height of the shoulder (where the slanty bit meets the wall) from the floor
  • The depth of the pitch (how far the slanty bit comes out into the room). This is not easy. If you can, imagine a vertical line coming down the wall where the pitch meets the ceiling. Measure from this line back to the wall, an estimation here will be fine for now.

Measure Steps

Any steps within the room should be measured by width, and then by depth and height of each individual step. This will be important if you are having new flooring.

Top Tip ! : If possible take one measurement the whole width of the room and one the whole depth. This can be used as a back up if there is any discrepancy in any of the other smaller measurements.

Also draw on your plan:


  • Where the existing WC is. Measure the distance of the pan to the wall and note on your plan.
  • Where the rest of the sanitaryware (bath, basin, shower) is currently situated. This gives us an idea of your existing plumbing configuration
  • Towel radiators


  • Cooker, oven and any existing extraction fan
  • Sink (single or double)
  • Fridge/fridge freezer
  • Appliances – Washing machine, tumble dryer, dishwasher
  • Radiators


If you do know which walls are stud walls and which are solid, note this on your plan. If this is not clear, note which walls are outside walls and which are internal.

Flooring only

If you are replacing the flooring only you do not need to measure windows but you should also measure your existing cabinetry and sanitaryware including kitchen cupboards and appliances, baths and shower trays. 

Karndean Design Flooring

PLEASE NOTE: At 4homes we will check all measurements before ordering any goods. If you are using any other fitter, request that they do the same.

Once you’ve measured your room

If you would like 4homes to prepare a full design proposal for your room just forward us your measurements, ideas and photographs. We’ve even got an easy to use upload area where you can submit all of your information – Upload to 4homes Design with Us

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